Dressing for a Wedding

Weddings are generally a dress up type of occasion. Some people have extremely casual weddings, but for the most part, you are not going to want to go in your jeans and favorite t-shirt. Even if you loath dressing up, it is a show of respect to show up looking nice for someone’s wedding, just like showing up looking your best is a show of respect in a court of law. Finding something for a wedding can be hard for someone that hates to dress up, but don’t stress. Follow some simple rules and you’ll find the right one in no time.

The rule that no one should wear white to a wedding is still standard. Though some people do, it is thought of as disrespectful to wear white when the bride is doing so. If you know she is not wearing that colour, you may be able to get away with it. To be on the safe side, just avoid too much white. For both men and women, it can be difficult to decide, women need to find the right dress to look and feel great the whole day, men need to make the decision to wear a tuxedo, suit or something of local culture, like the kilt in Scotland.

Dresses for a wedding should reflect the season. If you are going to a spring or fall wedding, you can go with something longer because there could be a chill in the air. For summer weddings, you want something shorter, but no shorter than knee length, if you can. If you choose something long, get something made of thin and breezy material. This is not really for anyone but you. The summer months in almost all parts of the US are hot and you want to be as comfortable as you can be. Wedding days are often scheduled right down to the last minute, but you never know when you may end up waiting in the hot sun. Dress accordingly.

Most dresses for a wedding may be much like those you would wear for any occasion. However, you do not want something that makes you look like you are going to work. Look for fun and elegant, but stay away from business suits. Avoid anything too frilly or princess-like, as you may stand out in the crowd that way, and not in a good way. Something you may wear to church or on a first date to a nice restaurant should be just fine. Focus on looking nice and feeling good about how you look. That always helps in finding the right dress. If in doubt, have a friend go shopping with you.

You can always search for dresses for a wedding on the Internet. You can find some great suggestions that are classified as wedding friendly. You can also see what your friend has in her closet, or you can go bargain shopping at the mall if money is tight. The trick to feeling comfortable in a dress when you do not normally wear it is to love it before you buy it. Always try it on and save your receipt. If you buy online, go with a site that has a great return policy in case you hate the way it looks on you. Shop early and shop smart.

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