Why We Love Jelly Beans!

Jelly beans are the stuff of dreams for many kids. However, there are plenty of adults who love to indulge in this colorful candy confection. While most of us typically think of fruity flavors when it comes to this popular treat, there are lots of different flavors to consider as well. Following are some great jelly bean flavors that are sure to whet your whistle.

Cream soda is a favorite beverage for a lot of people. This tasty drink can be difficult to find in some areas but you are certain to come across gourmet jelly beans that boast this classic cream soda flavor. If you want to try something that takes you back to your childhood, then the cream soda gourmet jelly bean is right for you.

Anyone who enjoys sipping on the A&W Cream Soda that has made a mark on soda drinkers everywhere will love these jelly beans. These candies serve as wonderful ways to savor the flavor that we have come to love over the years. Take your time with these treats, they are meant to be savored.

Another A&W inspired jelly bean flavor is a bit more popular than the obscure cream soda. Just about everyone has tried root beer and there is little wonder why this beverage has had such a profound impact on the American culture. Why not daydream about the Old West while savoring these gourmet jelly beans?

How about the new classic, Dr. Pepper? This beverage has offered the trendy soda flavor that has its competitors guessing. While this soda hasn’t reached the monster status of Coke or Pepsi products, it has a pretty loyal following, including gourmet jelly beans that are created to reproduce the one-of-a-kind flavor that this soda has to offer.

Want something a little more grown up? The margarita jelly beans are all the rage for those who want an afternoon siesta without the hangover. If you love the lemon-lime and cactus juice flavors infused in this fun drink, these jelly beans are the perfect choice for you. No salt is necessary for your full enjoyment of this fun treat but you can experiment if you like.

Perhaps the most appealing of the beverage-inspired jelly beans is the cappuccino flavor. Coffees are so very popular and you really can’t beat the flavor of these candies. It is as if the manufacturer hired on a Starbuck’s employee to help him along. .

When you think of jelly beans, you may think fruity flavors. However, today’s gourmet candies have so much more to offer. Bottoms up!

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