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About Me

My story

I started “Ruby and Perry” in 2015 to share my love for wine and the fascinating stories behind each bottle. The blog has since blossomed into a beloved space for wine lovers, known for its insightful reviews, engaging narratives, and useful tips that cater to both beginners and experts. Whether I’m discussing the ideal wine pairings for seasonal meals or diving into how terroir influences flavor, I strive to make wine approachable and enjoyable for everyone.

Beyond blogging, I host wine tastings, conduct educational seminars, and write for well-known wine publications. My commitment to unraveling the complexities of wine and advocating for sustainable viticulture shines through everything I do with “Ruby and Perry.”

When Iā€™m not exploring new wines or writing, I love hiking with Ruby and Perry or volunteering at our local animal shelter. My passion for community, nature, and of course, exceptional wine, drives every aspect of my life.