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Welcome to Ruby & Perry

By Wine Lovers…
For Wine Lovers

Welcome to Ruby and Perry, a vibrant sanctuary crafted by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, our blog serves as your ultimate guide through the expansive world of wine.

Here, you’ll find a rich tapestry of content ranging from expert analysis of the origins of rare vintages to practical tips for enhancing your tasting experience.

Our passionate contributors bring together their extensive knowledge and personal anecdotes to foster a community that celebrates both the art and science of wine.

From the sun-drenched vineyards of Tuscany to the historic cellars of Bordeaux, join us on a sensory journey that promises to enrich your understanding and appreciation of this timeless beverage. Engage with fellow readers in the comments, share your wine discoveries, and explore with us the endless nuances that make wine a global passion.

Cheers to your next great sip!

Get Familiar With Wine

wine enhances global diversity

Red Wine Sparkles With Diverse Global Flavors

Lambrusco from Italy offers a range of robust to delicate flavors, enticing wine lovers with its diverse and captivating taste profile.

viognier s aromatic comeback tale

Viognier's Revival: A Fragrant Success Story

Taste the floral success of Viognier's revival, a fragrant tale awaiting to unfold with its captivating journey from obscurity to acclaim.

versatile spanish sherry wine

Spanish Sherry: A Versatile Wine Experience

Wander into the world of Spanish Sherry, where diverse flavors and rich history promise an unforgettable wine journey.

exploring greek wine complexity

Greek Xinomavro: Unveiling Bold Wine Complexity

Keen to explore a wine with Barolo-like aging potential and unique Greek terroir?

italian prosecco tasting event

Italian Prosecco Tasting: Unveiling Sparkling Delights

Embark on a sparkling journey with Italian Prosecco, where vibrant flavors and elegant notes await – discover the essence of sensory delights.

explore american cabernet franc

Delve Into the World of American Cabernet Franc

Navigate the vast world of American Cabernet Franc, from its Bordeaux roots to modern interpretations, promising a journey of discovery and delight.

vibrant tavel ros wine

Bold and Complex: Tavel Rosé Revelations

Uncover the allure of Tavel Rosé, a bold and complex wine with a unique blend of flavors and depth that will leave you wanting more.

austrian orange wine tasting

Austrian Orange Wine: A Unique Tasting Experience

Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey into the world of Austrian orange wine, where tradition meets innovation, promising a taste sensation like no other.

About Me

I’m Simon LeClerk, and I live amidst the beautiful hills of Napa Valley, where I nurture my deep-rooted passion for wine. I’m the creator of “Ruby and Perry,” a wine blog named with love after my two Labrador retrievers. My journey in the wine world began with a degree in viticulture, followed by a Master’s in Oenology from UC Davis, allowing me to explore everything from California’s vibrant vineyards to the historic wine cellars of Tuscany.

Enjoy Wine With Me

Wine doesn’t need to be complicated, snooty or elitist. You can buy good wine for a few dollars or spend hundreds on something that’s not quite to your taste (or the occasion). Discover the background, the history, and the culture of wine with my help, and, of course, a bit of encouragement from uRby & Perry. It will be fun!

white pinot noir varieties

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Just starting out? Get all of the knowledge you need with my beginners’ guides to wine.

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Wine goes best with food. But which wine with which food, and when? It’s all so confusing…

World of Wine

Discover the wide and varied world of wine. From regions to grapes, we cover it all here.

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