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Discover Top Wine Podcasts for Enthusiasts

explore wine podcasts today

Podcasts have become a valuable tool for wine enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge and appreciation in the dynamic world of wine.

'Wine for Normal People' offers easy-to-understand insights, while 'I'll Drink to That' provides in-depth conversations with industry experts.

For those interested in diverse perspectives, 'Swirl Suite' offers a unique angle, and 'Wine Blast' keeps listeners updated on the latest trends.

Exploring these top-rated podcasts can help you find the perfect fit based on your preferences and interests in the world of wine.

Wine for Normal People

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'Wine for Normal People' with Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider and M.C. Ice is a fun and informative podcast that covers grape varieties, wine regions, and industry insights in an engaging way.

With episodes lasting around 45-50 minutes, this podcast can be found on platforms like Overcast, iTunes, Google Play, Libsyn, and their website. Schneider and Ice have a great rapport that keeps listeners both educated and entertained throughout each episode.

They break down complex wine topics into easy-to-understand discussions, making it a fantastic resource for wine enthusiasts of all levels. By combining expert knowledge with a down-to-earth approach, 'Wine for Normal People' is a must-listen for anyone looking to expand their wine knowledge without getting lost in technical jargon.

Ill Drink To That

If you're interested in getting to know the key players in the wine industry on a deeper level, 'Ill Drink To That' hosted by Levi Dalton is a great podcast to tune into. In each episode, lasting about an hour, Dalton sits down with renowned winemakers, sommeliers, and wine writers to explore their experiences and perspectives.

Available on popular platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube, this podcast offers insightful conversations that blend personal stories with professional insights. By humanizing the complexities of the wine world, 'Ill Drink To That' provides a unique and engaging listening experience for wine enthusiasts looking to stay informed about industry trends.

It's a must-listen for those who appreciate in-depth discussions and want to gain a deeper understanding of the world of wine.

Swirl Suite

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The 'Swirl Suite Podcast' is a platform that celebrates diversity in the wine industry by amplifying the voices of Black professionals. Hosted by Sarita, Tanisha, Leslie, and Glynis, this podcast delves into various wine topics with industry experts, offering a fresh and underrepresented perspective.

Listeners can tune in for insightful discussions that shed light on the experiences of Black professionals in the wine world. The podcast features interviews with sommeliers, winemakers, and other experts, providing an engaging and informative listening experience.

You can easily access the 'Swirl Suite Podcast' on popular platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

For those looking to expand their wine knowledge in an inclusive and enriching way, the 'Swirl Suite Podcast' is a must-listen.

The SOMM TV Podcast

The SOMM TV Podcast, hosted by Jason Wise, delves into the world of wine, spirits, food, and more, offering a captivating and informative experience.

Whether you're a fan of the renowned SOMM documentary series or simply eager to broaden your knowledge, this podcast is a must-listen.

You can find it on popular platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher, where it covers a diverse range of topics.

From deep dives into winemaking techniques to exploring the complexities of spirits, there's something for everyone.

Wise engages in enlightening conversations with industry experts, blending entertainment with education to make complex subjects easily understandable.

Wine Blast

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Looking to enhance your wine journey? Dive into the Wine Blast Podcast, where Masters of Wine Susie Barrie and Peter Richards expertly guide you through the intricacies of the wine world. Whether you're new to wine or a seasoned enthusiast, Wine Blast offers engaging discussions on a variety of topics.

Stay informed on the latest news and trends in the wine industry, explore unique travel insights to wine regions, and get valuable tips on food pairings to elevate your dining experience. Additionally, benefit from in-depth interviews with leading professionals in the field.

Join Susie and Peter for an entertaining and educational exploration of all things wine on the Wine Blast Podcast.

Matthews World of Wine

The Matthew's World of Wine and Drink Podcast, hosted by Matthew Gaughan DipWSET, is a valuable resource tailored for wine enthusiasts and students looking for concise and focused episodes. It stands out for its ability to present key information in a clear and digestible manner, making it particularly beneficial for those studying for wine certifications.

Gaughan's expertise and structured approach ensure that each episode is packed with insights on specific wine topics, ranging from grape varieties to regional characteristics. You can find this podcast on PlayerFM, SoundCloud, and their website, with its short episodes being a perfect fit for individuals with busy schedules.

Gaughan's talent for simplifying complex subjects into easily understandable segments makes this podcast an innovative tool for both new and experienced wine lovers looking to expand their knowledge efficiently.

Guild of Sommeliers

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Looking for a podcast tailored for wine enthusiasts with a strong industry understanding? The Guild of Sommeliers Podcast, hosted by Master Sommelier Geoff Kruth, is the perfect choice. This podcast delves deep into the world of wine, featuring insightful conversations with industry experts.

Whether you're studying for wine certifications or simply looking to expand your knowledge, this podcast offers valuable insights.

Geoff Kruth, a Master Sommelier, serves as the knowledgeable host of this podcast, providing authoritative perspectives on all things wine. The content is designed for listeners with a solid foundation in wine, making it an ideal resource for those looking to deepen their understanding.

The podcast features interviews with renowned wine professionals, offering valuable insights into the industry.

If you're seeking educational value and practical insights into the world of wine, the Guild of Sommeliers Podcast is a must-listen. You can access this podcast on popular platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and the Guild of Sommeliers website.


Exploring these top wine podcasts offers enthusiasts a wealth of information and diverse perspectives. 'Wine for Normal People' and 'I'll Drink To That' provide essential knowledge and expert insights, while 'Swirl Suite' and 'Wine Blast' delve into current trends and varied viewpoints within the industry.

These podcasts are irresistible for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of wine through engaging and informative content. Whether you're new to the world of wine or a seasoned connoisseur, these podcasts are invaluable resources for expanding your wine expertise.