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Innovative Creations Shine in Champagne Chair Contest

champagne chair contest winners

Every year, Design Within Reach hosts the Champagne Chair Contest, highlighting incredible creativity. Participants turn simple corks and cages from sparkling wine bottles into stunning miniature chairs.

The contest runs from December 20th to January 8th, requiring only basic tools and an Instagram account to enter. Past submissions have showcased a variety of styles, from modern to classical designs.

This contest not only celebrates innovation but also shows the artistic potential in everyday items. It's a great opportunity for designers to display their talents. If you're curious about more inspiring entries, there's plenty to explore.

Champagne Chair Contest Overview

champagne chair design challenge

Every year, Design Within Reach hosts the Champagne Chair Contest, inviting us to turn corks and cages from sparkling wine into tiny works of art. This event blends design and creativity, offering a unique way to connect wine culture with artistic expression.

It's not just about drinking sparkling wine but also about transforming its leftovers into something special. This contest shows how simple items like corks and cages can become symbols of innovation. Each entry reflects our ability to see beyond the ordinary and celebrate the artistic potential in everyday objects.

Contest Rules and Participation

Let's dive into the Champagne Chair Contest and learn how to participate. This creative contest, hosted by Design Within Reach, runs from December 20th to January 8th.

You'll need a bottle of sparkling wine, round nose pliers, and an Instagram account to join the fun.

Here's how to enter:

  1. Design: Craft a unique chair using the corks and cages from your sparkling wine.
  2. Share: Post your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #dwrchampagnechair.
  3. Deadline: Submit your entry by January 8th.

This contest is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in design to showcase their creativity and talent.

Highlights From Past Submissions

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Over the years, past submissions to the Champagne Chair Contest have amazed us with their creative and detailed designs. Contestants have shown how they can turn simple corks and cages into tiny works of art. We've seen everything from modern, sleek chairs to detailed, classical pieces. Each entry reflects a unique mix of wine culture and design.

The variety of styles and techniques shows how popular the contest is and how dedicated the participants are. These submissions not only celebrate creativity but also inspire future contestants to go further with their artistic skills. Every year, we look forward to seeing new and exciting designs that add to the impressive collection of past entries.

Spotlight on Madeline Puckette

Spotlight on Madeline Puckette

Madeline Puckette, a James Beard Award-winning author and co-founder of Wine Folly, has a deep passion for wine education. Her work is focused on making wine knowledge easy to grasp and fun to learn. Through her lively Instagram account (@WineFolly), she connects with a wide audience, sharing valuable insights and fostering a love for wine.

Here are three key aspects of her impact:

  1. Simplified Wine Education: Madeline simplifies complex wine topics, making them easy for anyone to understand. For example, she explains wine characteristics like tannins and acidity in a way that beginners can easily grasp.
  2. Visual Learning Tools: She uses infographics and charts to make learning about wine enjoyable. Her 'Wine Flavor Chart' is a popular tool that helps people identify different wine flavors.
  3. Social Media Engagement: Madeline actively interacts with her followers on Instagram. She answers questions, shares tips, and creates a community where wine enthusiasts can learn and share their experiences.

Madeline Puckette's contributions to wine education are invaluable. She inspires many to explore and appreciate the world of wine.

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If you want to learn more about wine, subscribing to the Wine Folly newsletter is a smart move. It offers a wealth of educational resources and insights.

This isn't just about building your wine knowledge; it's also about finding design inspiration from the wine world. The newsletter gives regular updates on wine trends and useful tips, making it a reliable source for everything wine-related.

Whether you're a seasoned wine lover or just starting out, the content is designed to boost your understanding and appreciation.

Plus, the design elements can inspire creative projects like the Champagne Chair contest.


We're excited to see the creative designs in this year's Champagne Chair Contest. Combining wine culture with artistic talent results in unique and fascinating miniatures.

With insights from expert Madeline Puckette, we can better understand and appreciate these tiny works of art.

So, grab a bottle of champagne, your crafting supplies, and let your creativity flow. For ideas and inspiration, check out #dwrchampagnechair on Instagram.

Cheers to innovation and craftsmanship!