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Top Picks From 2017 Wine Buying Guide

wine guide 2017 selections

The 2017 Wine Buying Guide carefully selects a range of exceptional wines known for their quality and diversity. From bold full-bodied reds like Italy's Super Tuscans to elegant light-bodied options such as Oregon's Pinot Noir, this guide offers a diverse selection to suit every taste.

You'll also find luxurious full-bodied whites and aromatic choices that are sure to impress even the most discerning wine enthusiasts. By delving into the unique flavors and characteristics of these wines, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and regional influences that make each bottle special.

Explore the standout picks that define the best of 2017 and elevate your wine experience.

Top Full-Bodied Reds

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When it comes to top full-bodied red wines, regions like Italy, California, Washington, Spain, and Argentina consistently produce exceptional Cabernet, Syrah, and Merlot vintages. These areas are known for their robust and complex wines, characterized by rich flavors, deep color, and strong tannins.

For example, Italy's Tuscany region is famous for its Super Tuscans, while California's Napa Valley is renowned for its powerful Cabernets. Washington's Columbia Valley is gaining recognition for its bold Syrahs, and Spain's Ribera del Duero is celebrated for its intense Tempranillo blends. Additionally, Argentina's Mendoza region is synonymous with full-bodied Malbecs, capturing the attention of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

These regions continue to innovate and push boundaries to create wines that surprise and delight consumers.

Best Medium-Bodied Reds

After diving into the world of bold full-bodied red wines, it's time to turn our attention to the delightful medium-bodied reds hailing from regions like Italy, France, Northern Spain, Germany, and Chile. These wines, such as Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, and Garnacha, strike a perfect balance between complexity and approachability.

Italian Barbera wines are known for their lively acidity and cherry notes, while French Cabernet Franc wines exude an elegant earthiness. Tempranillo from Northern Spain delights with rich berry flavors and a hint of spice, and German Dornfelder stands out with its deep color and fruit-forward character.

Chilean Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon offer a harmonious blend of structure and smoothness, making medium-bodied reds a versatile and enjoyable choice for a wide range of palates. These wines are perfect for those seeking a nuanced and flavorful drinking experience without the heaviness of full-bodied reds.

Light-Bodied Red Favorites

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Diving into the realm of light-bodied red wines reveals a world of delicate and nuanced flavors that are both refreshing and refined. These wines, often underestimated for their subtlety, offer a refreshing change from the boldness of fuller-bodied options.

Pinot Noir shines in this category, with exceptional varieties coming from Oregon and California. New Zealand's Pinot Noir presents lively acidity and fruity notes, while Burgundy's versions are known for their complex earthy undertones. Australia also showcases finesse in their light-bodied reds.

These wines are a fantastic choice for those looking to explore new flavors, pairing effortlessly with a variety of dishes from roasted poultry to vegetarian cuisine. In 2017, light-bodied reds promise to be a sophisticated and versatile addition to any wine enthusiast's collection.

Notable Full-Bodied Whites

Full-bodied white wines stand out for their rich textures, complex flavors, and impressive aging potential. Regions like California, Burgundy, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand are renowned for their exceptional Chardonnay, Semillon, and Chenin Blanc varieties.

These wines offer a luxurious mouthfeel and intricate layers of flavor that entice the palate, often showcasing hints of ripe stone fruits, butter, and delicate oak undertones. With their robust structure, these wines age gracefully, developing even more nuanced flavors as time passes.

Exploring these regions allows wine enthusiasts to appreciate the fusion of traditional winemaking methods with modern practices, resulting in truly remarkable wines. If you're looking for depth and richness in your white wine choices, these selections are sure to impress.

Must-Try Aromatic Whites

delicious aromatic white wines

Aromatic white wines are a must-try for wine enthusiasts due to their vibrant aromas and expressive flavors. These wines stand out for their fragrant bouquets and intricate taste profiles, offering a unique and delightful experience.

Here are three aromatic whites worth exploring:

  1. Riesling: Originating from Germany, Riesling is beloved for its floral and citrus notes, providing a hint of sweetness that appeals to many palates.
  2. Gewurztraminer: This wine from Alsace, France, is known for its exotic spice and lychee aromas, perfect for those seeking a more adventurous wine experience.
  3. Sauvignon Blanc: With its vibrant flavors of bell pepper and passion fruit, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand has gained popularity among modern wine enthusiasts for its refreshing taste.

These aromatic white wines showcase the diversity and innovation present in the world of wine, making them a delightful choice for any occasion.


The 2017 Wine Buying Guide offers a diverse selection that is a must-have for wine enthusiasts. This guide carefully curates a wide range of full-bodied reds, such as Italy's Super Tuscans and California's Cabernets, as well as elegant medium and light-bodied reds.

It also showcases full-bodied and aromatic whites from regions like California and Germany. Serving as a sommelier's map, this guide ensures a delightful journey through the intricate world of wine, without the usual vineyard details.