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Top Wine Instagrammers: A Vintage Journey Awaits

wine influencers on instagram

Embarking on a journey through the top wine Instagram accounts unveils a diverse tapestry of wine culture and knowledge. From the lively insights of Sparkling Winos to the inclusive stories shared by The Hue Society, these influencers offer more than just beautiful vineyard views and wine-filled glasses.

Each Instagrammer, such as the experienced Aldo Sohm and the environmentally conscious Viticole Wine Club, provides a unique perspective on the world of wine. By following these influencers, you can gain a deeper understanding of wine's rich history and current trends, potentially reshaping your appreciation for this timeless beverage.

Sparkling Winos

gleaming glass red wine

Sparkling Winos, experts in bubbly wines like Champagne, engage enthusiasts with their vivid photography and educational content on the Sabrage art. This dynamic duo shines in presenting the effervescent world of sparkling wines through captivating images and informative tutorials.

Their platform is a goldmine for those eager to learn the dramatic Sabrage technique, a traditional way of opening a champagne bottle with a sword. Going beyond the showmanship, Sparkling Winos provide valuable reviews and suggestions, establishing themselves as a trustworthy source for those seeking to expand their knowledge of sparkling wines.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, their content offers a fresh and inventive perspective on the sparkling wine scene.

The Hue Society

The Hue Society celebrates diversity in the wine community by shining a spotlight on African-American wine enthusiasts and producers. Founded by Tahiirah Habibi, this platform aims to break down barriers in the wine world and foster a more inclusive environment.

Through engaging events, educational programs, and a vibrant online presence, The Hue Society showcases the significant contributions of African-Americans to the wine industry. Their dedication to building a community centered on learning and appreciation makes them a valuable resource for wine lovers looking to broaden their knowledge.

Somm Films & TV

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Somm Films & TV offers wine enthusiasts exclusive access to the world of renowned wine authorities through educational and engaging content. Connected to the popular Somm films, this platform delves into the nuances of wine tasting, production, and the lives of top sommeliers.

By providing a diverse range of educational resources, Somm Films & TV ensures that viewers are not only entertained but also gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the wine industry. It is perfect for those looking to enhance their knowledge of wine, offering a mix of expert insights and captivating storytelling.

This unique content serves as a valuable tool for anyone interested in expanding their wine knowledge and appreciation.

Andrea Zigrossi

Andrea Zigrossi, a dedicated sommelier, enchants wine lovers with his vibrant and lively Instagram photos that capture the essence of wine exploration. His account is a delightful mix of culture and oenology, making it a must-follow for wine enthusiasts who love to travel.

Through his colorful images, Zigrossi invites his followers to embark on a sensory journey, discovering the world of wine with fresh eyes.

His feed showcases whimsical wine landscapes that spark a sense of adventure and curiosity. Each bottle comes with engaging stories that deepen our appreciation for the wine's origins and unique qualities. Zigrossi also shares recommendations for hidden gem wines that are lesser-known but worth trying.

For those who enjoy wine tourism, he provides travel insights that combine local culture with wine tasting experiences, creating a truly immersive journey.

Interactive content on Zigrossi's account encourages follower participation and discovery, making it an engaging platform for wine enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned wine lover or just starting to explore the world of wine, Zigrossi's Instagram is a dynamic resource that will spark your passion for both wine and exploration.

Aldo Sohm

wine expert and sommelier

Aldo Sohm, the renowned Wine Director at Le Bernardin and author of 'Wine Simple,' is highly regarded for his approachable and extensive knowledge of wine. His Instagram account is a must-follow for wine enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of educational insights and personal stories.

Sohm excels at demystifying the world of wine, catering to both beginners and connoisseurs with his informative posts. Followers can expect a peek behind the scenes of fine dining and wine curation, along with expert wine recommendations.

Sohm's interactive wine tastings are particularly popular, providing a unique opportunity for his audience to deepen their wine knowledge in an engaging way.

Viticole Wine Club

Viticole Wine Club, spearheaded by Master Sommelier Brian McClintic, stands out for its dedication to showcasing eco-conscious winemakers who prioritize organic and regenerative practices. With a strong focus on sustainability, this unique platform offers a carefully curated selection of wines that reflect a commitment to environmental stewardship.

By emphasizing quality and sustainability, Viticole appeals to those who value both exceptional wine and ethical production methods. McClintic's expertise as a Master Sommelier ensures that each bottle selected for the club meets the highest standards, guaranteeing a premium tasting experience.

Members not only gain access to exclusive, limited-production wines but also receive valuable insights into regenerative agriculture and its positive impact on the wine industry. Through educational content on eco-friendly viticulture, Viticole fosters a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable practices in winemaking.

Wine 90 – Sarah Newton

wine rating by sarah

Wine 90 by Sarah Newton is a unique platform that combines the beauty of wine with educational content, offering quick and insightful reviews tailored to wine enthusiasts looking to broaden their knowledge. Newton's approach, often presented through engaging video content, is perfect for those wanting to enhance their understanding of wine without delving into lengthy articles.

With a focus on accessibility and information, Newton stands out in the wine community for her ability to make learning about wine both easy and enjoyable. Newton's reviews are characterized by their speed and thoughtfulness, providing followers with valuable insights in a short amount of time. Her bite-sized videos make it convenient for viewers to learn about different aspects of wine, from tasting notes to food pairings, in a concise and engaging manner.


Embarking on a journey through the top wine Instagrammers unveils a diverse tapestry of wine culture and knowledge. Influential accounts like Sparkling Winos, The Hue Society, Somm Films & TV, Andrea Zigrossi, Aldo Sohm, Viticole Wine Club, and Wine 90 by Sarah Newton offer unique perspectives and expertise.

This exploration is particularly significant as engagement with wine-related content on Instagram has seen a remarkable 35% increase in the past year, showcasing the growing interest and passion for wine education among social media users.

Sparkling Winos stands out for their vibrant content showcasing sparkling wines from around the world, while The Hue Society focuses on promoting diversity and inclusion within the wine industry. Somm Films & TV provides a behind-the-scenes look at the world of sommeliers, offering valuable insights into wine tasting and pairing.

Andrea Zigrossi shares her expertise on Italian wines, providing a deep dive into the rich history and flavors of the region. Aldo Sohm, renowned sommelier and owner of Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, offers a glimpse into the world of fine dining and wine pairing.

Viticole Wine Club curates unique wine selections for enthusiasts looking to explore new varietals and regions. Wine 90 by Sarah Newton is a go-to resource for beginners looking to enhance their wine knowledge, with informative guides and recommendations.

The surge in Instagram engagement with wine content reflects a growing trend of using social media platforms for learning and sharing experiences within the wine community. As more users seek to expand their wine knowledge and appreciation, these top Instagrammers play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive wine culture online.